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"The undersigned is a younger brother of Representative Señeres and in accordance with the announcement of [Commission on Elections] Chairman [Andres] Bautista that whomsoever is nomnated by PMM-WPP as a substitute candidate should have the same surname, the undersigned believed that he has all the qualifications to substitute for his brother," Ike Señeres said in his letter dated February 14.

With the passing of Roy Seneres, PMM-WPP (his party) is allowed to pick a substitute candidate provided that it is someone who shares his surname (doesn't matter if the person is directly related to Rep. Seneres or not, I think). Two substitutes have been put forward: Ramon Ike Seneres - the younger brother of Rep. Roy Seneres and Rep. Roy Seneres' son, Christian.

Ramon Ike Seneres

Born: July 31, 1952 in Compostella Valley, Davao
Spouse: Lorina Carmen Gallardo Aquino

Ramon Ike Seneres wrote to Atty. Jose Malvar Villegas Jr. of the PMM-WPP about his interest in substituting his brother as the Presidential candidate last February 14, 2016. There is still no news to PMM-WPP about whether Ramon Ike Seneres will be put forward as the substitute or not. 

The younger brother of Rep. Seneres also hails from Butuan City in Mindanao and like his brother, he went into the Foreign Service route as the press attache of the Philippine Embassy in Washington and also as the bureau chief of the Philippine News Agency in Washington. He was also the assistant to the Consulate General of the Philippine Embassy in New York. He is also an expert in management information systems and was once connected with 3M Philippines, San Miguel Corporation and various media outlets.

Ramon Ike Seneres is the Department Manager for the Information Technology Services Department of the Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office.

He still has a lot of accomplishments that cannot be fit into one article meant for featuring two people so you can read those accomplishments

Christian Seneres
Born: March 3, 1976
Spouse: none

Hans Christian Seneres (or popularly known as Christian Seneres) is the son of Roy Seneres but no one really knew about that until he broke out the news of the death of his father or unless one has actually paid close attention to Roy Seneres' Wikipedia article. So what does that exactly say about Christian? While he is obviously the legal son of his parents - he does not ride on his parents' fame in order to get far as a politician. 

He made his big break as a politician when he represented the BUHAY Partylist from 2003-2007 (a total of two congressional terms) before moving to the Democratic Party of the Philippines where he made an unsuccessful bid for the Senate. These days, he is still active in politics even though he is not in any elected position.

Supporters of Roy Seneres have called for him to take his father's reins and run for president and it is actually possible for him to do so because (1) he is less likely to engage into necropolitics considering that he does not have any close association with his father's OFW Family Partylist; instead, he chose to run in parties that his father has no direct involvement in and (2) his two-term experience in the congress gave him a lot of political exposure which is already a given.
A look into his resume would show that while he was Congressman, he focused on developing the Philippine Economy as well as our Foreign Affairs - two of the most important things that our country needs to focus on right now. Additionally, his legislative record shows that he prohibits the death penalty and that he also fights for affordable health care in the Philippines.

While he spent some time in the US, he did not apply for a US citizenship therefore cancelling any possibility of being in the same situation as Grace Poe. Currently, there are still no news on whether he will substitute his father or not but surely, if he runs for President, he may be the youngest President to be elected after World War 2 (He will turn 40 on March 3 and 40 is the minimum age for one to run for President).

At this point, it is still unknown as to whether it will be Ramon Ike or Christian who will become PMM-WPP's new Presidential candidate but they should make a choice because before we know it, it will be the elections already.


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